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Medication Refill Policy

In the interest of safe prescribing, optimal patient care, medico legal compliance and best practice guidelines please note the following policy on the refilling of prescription medication.

Generally your provider will prescribe the appropriate amount of medication to last until your next scheduled appointment and follow up.

To avoid running out of medicine, it is the patient’s responsibility to schedule the next appointment in advance and with adequate time to receive the needed prescription refill.

Some medications are not refillable without a consultation. Some medication refills will only be given with a limited quantity and/or no additional refills.

Follow up blood tests may be required before the consultation and before prescribing again to ensure safe, optimal and therapeutic doses of medication.

In most cases the follow up is within 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 3 months or 6 months, depending on the medication. Follow up is generally shorter when starting a new medication or adjusting dosages to reach optimal and therapeutic levels.

If you are on a long term medication (more than one year) and your medical provider has determined that you are stable on the dose and documented this in the file, medication refills may in some cases be given for up one year before follow consultation is required.

Blood, urine or saliva testing may be required before or after consultation and prescribing to ensure safe, optimal and therapeutic doses of medication.

Medication refills will not be given past one year without follow up with a medical doctor under any circumstances.

All medication refills require the prescribing medical doctor to check the patient's file, approve the refill and document in the patient's file the permitted amount of medication. This needs to then be prescribed by the providing doctor in the chart.

It is the patient's responsibility to allow sufficient time for the doctor to approve the medication refill request. We are unable to dispense the medication if the doctor has not approved this in writing.

In the event that your doctor is travelling or does not respond promptly and you require the medication urgently, you may be required to do a Telehealth consult with another doctor at a charge of $300 HKD in order for us to refill the prescription. In general this happens when rush refills are requested.

Thank you for your kind understanding of this matter. Patient safety, optimal dose effectiveness and compliance with safe practice are our utmost concern.

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